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The theme for National Day Parade (NDP) 2012 is “Loving Singapore, Our Home”“Loving Singapore”.

This year’s Show segment comprises a prologue, three acts and a finale, It unfold’s on an enhanced stage set, with an LED backdrop in the shape of the Singapore Island.

Probbaly one of the most Multimedia intensive Shows in NDP history.

I was Responsible for the majority of the 3D Animation and conceptualization.


Galaxy Fly-through

I Conceptualized, and did the production for the opening Sequence, know as the Galaxy Fly-through.


Galaxy Fly-through Part of NDP 2012 Opening Sequence,

Production was completed in about in about 2-3 weeks, with many script changes through out the production process.
We got good positive reviews on this sequence, so I am really glad the audience liked it.

I also worked in collaboration with VHQ post to produce the Ending Climax, known as the “Garden City”.



Client: Singapore Armed Forces, NDP Multimedia Team.

Creative Director: Fan Dong Kai.

Multimedia Director: Sally Lee.

Music By: Iskandar Ismail.