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For this year’s (2011) Singapore National Day, Media Brief, I was tasked to create a fly through of Marina Bay in 3D.

Initial models was provided by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore  I improved the models and shaders, rendered and composited the final image.

Creating an exciting fly through of marina bay to woo the public for NDP 2011.

The main challenge for this project was to handle a scene with more then 500 million polygons. Rendering a scene like this was a technical challenge.

I solved this problem by splitting up the scene into small parts and then combining it in post production.

Oh ya, and having a really powerful computer helps too 😉


3D Marinabay Models by Urban Urban Redevelopment Authority of singapore.
Copyrights to Singapore National Day, Media Committee 2011.
Copyrights to Singapore Armed Forces. 36 SCE.