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ColorTV Commissioned me to do a full 3D TVC for their client F&N.

A rare opportunity to do a full 3D commercial, broadcast-ed on both TV and theaters. A chance i definitely couldn’t pass.

Probably one of the toughest projects I’ve done by far (also the most fun!), the TVC required a huge amount of content rendered in Half HD quality.

The objective was to create a TVC on my own that was comparable to other studios in the industry.

The scenes had many moving elements and scenes. Rendering and lighting had to be top notch as well. Doing all this within a tight deadline was tough!

Overall, I am Glad it turned out well.

During a focus group, 70% of the audience liked the commercial, So i am really glad that it worked out!

Wire frames for the Zesta Project

Wire frames for the Zesta Project

Special Thanks to Jared & Lynn for this cool opportunity,


Me: 3D animation, rigging, modeling, texturing, Lighting & Compositing.
COLORTV: Concept, Art Direction, Storyboard, Graphic & Motion Design, Visual