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I was commissioned to do the opener for Suria’s most watched talent show “Anugerah”.

Many Elements were required for the show. ColorTv Wanted a pop-art modern design with many ‘tron’ like elements.

Getting the elements to jell well within the shot was tricky. It was fun to try out a different style, and I learned allot from this project.

Anugerah is the platform for aspiring singers, complementing other spin-offs of the Anugerah competition, which are in the search for the finest talents in hosting, acting and performing in a band. Names such as Sarah Aqilah, Aliff Aziz, Hyrul Anuar, Aqmal N. and many more have since rose to stardom. Now these familiar faces are recording artistes who have established their singing talent and have a strong fan base.


Me: 3D animation, rigging, modelling, texturing, Lighting & Compositing.
COLORTV: Concept, Art Direction, Storyboard, Graphic & Motion Design, Visual